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May 9, 2010
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I don't think i put enough yes's and no's.... :XD: 90% of what she says is quotes from the game.... 5% is edited quotes to suit the game... 5% is... etc?

EDIT: 22/04/14 - She works with the newest flash players now! :D


Ask Vincent by Arlequinne Ask Axel by Arlequinne
::::::*… (Ask Vincent)*:::::::::::::::*… (Ask Axel)*::::::
Ask Zack by Arlequinne Ask Reno by Arlequinne
::::::::::*… (Ask Zack)*:::::::::::::::::*… (Ask Reno)*::::::::::
Ask Yuffie by Arlequinne Ask Sephiroth by Arlequinne
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Lightning (c) Square Enix
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LuluHarven Featured By Owner Edited Nov 26, 2014
She:Humans are tools,I'm not gonna die for one of them..
She:You got enough to complain 
Me:Hey,Can I ask you something?
She:How would I know.
Me: Do you know Noctis?
She:Good for you..
Me:Noctis likes you XP
She:I hope your not insane
Me:Yes I am...Hahaha
She:I say..No
Me:I didn't ask you like him or not -,-
She:Snow is an idiot.
Me:I didn't ask about Snow -,-
Me:You like him?
She:You want answer,you better ask someone else..
Me:Really?Who should I ask?Serah?
She:Go figure
She:You realize you're talking to your computer right now?
Me:Wow,you're smart
Me:I ask you about him already but you didn't answer me -,-
She:Who are you?
Me:-_- I'm goin to see Noctis
She:I don't know yet..
Me:-_- seriously?
She:Lay down
Me:Why should I?-_-
She:You're nothing but talk
Me:That's what my mouth's do..duhh..
She:I don't know yet..
Me:I give up =_=
Me:Wanna come?
She:Sounds good
Me: Ok..Let's go to Noctis's house xD
Me:Really?Then come on!
She:I'm doing this for Serah
Me:See?Serah likes you & Noctis to be together :3
She:Who's Noctis?
Me:*Leaves Light behind*
Me:You have Amnesia
She:I don't think so
Me:Then why you ask me who's Noctis?
She:Is that a question?
Me:Yes.You like him or not?
Me:Say yes,say yes,cuz I need to know..
MeL:Yay!are you two gonna married & have babies?:3
She: Be quiet.
Me:I can't I'm too happy about it :3
She:You shouldn't
She:Hard to picture a happy ending
Me:You can if you believe ;)
Me:So is it a deal?
She:You got it!
Me:Yay!Light & Noctis are getting married!:3
She:Who's Noctis?
Me: x_x
She: o_O
Me:Goodbye Light..It was nice meeting you..
>>>>>>>>>>>>END CONVERSATION<<<<<<<<<<<<
JYun17 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
Me: Do you like Fang?
Light: O_o
Me: I take that as a Yes?
Light: Yes.
Me: Does Fang know?
Light: NO.
Me: Do you plan to tell her? You two look cute.
Light: ...No.
Me: Why? I think Fang Likes you too.
Light: Cut the crap.
Me: I'm not lying. You're just in denial.
Light: No.
Me: I tell you. Tell her.
Light: So what? Who says it has to be?
Me: Because I sked Fang already and she said that she likes you!
Light: I hope you're not insane.
Me: Lightning, why would I ever make this up? You're my hero!
Light: Ridiculous.
Me: Ah! Stop being in denial! Fang Likes you lightning!
Light: ...
Me: So, stop keeping to yourself and tell fang how you feel!
Light: I don't know yet.
Me: I give up....
Light: Hmm...
Me: Fang told me that she likes someone and It's you.
Light: And you think I'm gonna buy that? Full points for originality.
Me: Thank you. Fang told me you two done it.
Light: Be quiet.

Ahhaha! OMG! FLight is just so....REAL! Who am I gonna believe? Fang the tease or Sgt. Lightning the ever so serious? Fang told me you two had something...and your reaction says otherwise...*shoots suspicious look*

Light: I'll give you a head start. Run while you still can.
Me: Uh-Oh...okay, uh...BYE! *Runs away* SEERAAHHHHH! You're sister's gonna kill me!!! HELP!
Ayan-Laurel Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
Me: Vanille would want you to be happy'
Light; 'No'
Me: 'Do you think Vanille loves Fang'
Light: 'No that's for damn sure'
Me: 'Why do you think that?'
Light: 'So what, who says it has to be'
Me; Lightning I think you are just jealous and in denial'
Light: Yeah you're probably right'
Me: Do not take your anger out on Vanille she's a nice girl'
Light: 'Serah's gonna marry some idiot' 

Me; I think Serah loves Noel these days
Light: 'Yes'
Me: Is she still going to marry Snow?
Light: I don't think so
Me: Snow will find someone else
Light: 'Hmm...'
Me: Will you tell Fang now?'
Light: 'Maybe?'
Me: 'Does Fang return your feeling's?'
Light: 'Noctis'
Me: Are you saying she loves Noctis?'
Light: You're nothing but talk'

Me: 'So does Vanille know?'
Light: 'I might tell you if you press ctrl + w
Me: So Vanille, Noctis and you all love Fang?'
Light: You sure better hope so'
Me: Way to go Fang, what's her secret?'
Light: 'Call me light'
Me: 'Okay Light what's Fang's secret?'
Light: 'Noctis'
Me: 'Noctis again? Noctis is her secret?'
Light: 'You got it!'
Me: 'Well that puts his odds at winning much higher'
Light: 'Noctis?'
Me: Yes Noctis, so do you consider him competition?'
Light: 'Go figure' *oh my god I am dying of laughter*
Me; 'Would Vanille agree with you?' 
Light: 'Lay down'
Me: 'Okay touchy subject' this whole conversation has been gold
Ayan-Laurel Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
'How do you feel about Light/Snow?'
Light: 'No...'
Me: 'Do you really hate him that much?'
Light: 'I'm doing this for Serah' *fights laughter* 
Me: Do you ship Serah/Noel?'
Light: 'Go figure'

Ha Lightning ships it

Me: Do you ship Vanille/Fang?'
Light: 'Undefined' 
Me: Oh so you view it as competition'
Light: 'Yeah, you're probably right'
Me: Why don't you tell her how you feel?
Light: 'No'
Me: Are you scared to open up?'
Light: 'You shouldn't...'
Me: 'Do you think Vanille will be mad?'
Light: 'Yes'
Me: Are you scared that Fang doesn't love you?'
Light: 'No....'
Me: 'Oh so you already know she loves you?'
Light: 'Maybe?'
Me: I think I'm turning into your therapist'
Light: '....'
Ayan-Laurel Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
Me: 'What do you think of Vanille/Serah' appropriately the reply was 
Lightning: O.0
Me: So you are not a fan?'
Light: I don't think so
Me: What about Vanille/Lightning then?
Light: Lay down'
Me: What about Lightning/Fang'
Light: 'Sounds good' *practically hears fans of that pairing squeeing with joy*
Me: So you do like the ladies'
Light: 'I don't think so'
Me: Ah so just Fang then, she's special?'
Light; It's not a question of can or can't. There are some things in life you just do'
Rivercatgirl Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: Do I think you're super sexy?
Lightning: No

Oh. Oh, hun.
IAmNotRussian Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Student Filmographer
Me: Do you like Cloud?
Lightning: No.
Me: Why not?
Lightning: And you think I'm going to buy that?  Full points for originality.

HAH!  That's a perfect reaction!
PlasmaZoroark Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me: do you secretly like snow?
Me: are you Sure because i think your Jealous of serah?
Lighting: No. Thats for **** sure.
Me: well somebody's got a potty mouth today.
Lighting: sounds good.
Lighting: yes.
SAIMARU-GODESS Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013

Me: Do you like Snow as a brother?

Lightning: How should I know?


[touchy subject? XD]


Me: He's your in law?

Lightning: You want answers, you better

ask someone else.


[yep, touchy :D maybe I should ask someone

else's opinion] 

TiaraM Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Me: Are you Cloud?
Light: Yes.
Me: I knew it!
Light: O_o
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